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This community is for the discussion of any maintainer-related issues regarding l_j_for_dummies.

All maintainers have posting access, so jump in and post away! There's no such thing as an OT post here. We're anxious to keep up with your any aspect of your life you're willing to share. After all, the better we know one another -- and our individual schedules -- the easier it is to work together as a TEAM!

NOTE: This is a CLOSED community, for maintainers ONLY.

This has been set up to automatically make all of your posts here 'friends only' -- meaning that only other maintainers will be able to read them. (Please DO NOT edit and 'unlock' your entries. Thanks.)

This is a great place to put your QUESTIONS or SUGGESTIONS.

We suggest all maintainers set up a special FILTER for this community. Then if you only get around to logging on at LJ infrequently (or briefly), you can quickly check to see any posts you may have missed. (Thanks for your cooperation.)

PLEASE be sure to FRIEND dummy_maintain. The plan is for most (or all) of our actual 'Maintainer Guidelines' to be shared there.


Tags and Memories are our friends! The more we learn about using them, the easier it is for us to promote their use.

[last updated July 10, 2006]

(For Maintainers:)

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